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Rapidair Australia imports and distributes Rapidair Compressed Air Lines and Compressed Air Fittings which includes a range of compressed air piping systems for workshops, sheds, garages and factories. We distribute across all regions of Australasia including Australia, New Zealand and the many Islands in the Pacific.

We help the Trade and home handyman, small to large workshops, panel beaters, spray shops, woodworking and metalworking operations and automotive workshops with our unparalleled customer service and quick supply of complete Compressed Air Line piping systems that are second to none. We pride ourselves on maintaining sufficient stock levels to supply all you need x our warehouse in Queensland, Australia and if we happen to run out will air freight it urgently if required.

  • Ease of installation – In most instances a complete workshop can be plumbed up and operating within one day
  • Competitively priced compressed air products with all parts in stock
  • High Quality system supported worldwide

We pride ourselves on our high-quality compressed air line products and fittings to streamline your workshop efficiency while ensuring the safety of your staff.


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