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Compressed Air Pipe

Get the Right Air Compressor Pipe for Your Workshop from Our Team

Every workshop relies on working, effective equipment, which is why our Blue air compressor pipe can truly make a difference for you. Our compressed air piping systems are quick to install and work with a wide range of equipment. Choose Rapidair Systems for all your compressed air piping -related needs, and you’ll always have a reliable quality supply of compressed air for your projects.

Benefits of Using Our Services for Compressed Air Piping

We might have a small team, but we deliver dynamite benefits to all our customers. We pride ourselves on ensuring that every single one of your purchases with our store comes coupled with our quality promise. Consider the following benefits we always provide when you need a compressed air pipe system:

  • Our kits are super simple to install. You might find the idea of purchasing a new compressed air kit daunting, but with our systems you get easy installation. Regardless of the project you have in mind, being able to set up your air system quickly – even if you don’t have extensive experience doing so – can already make your project that much simpler.
  • We offer competitive pricing on all our products. We understand that budget can often become a hurdle for your personal projects. Our team provides accessible, high-quality equipment so that you can keep working and experience minimal downtime if you need new compressed air equipment.
  • We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. You are more than just another customer; you are someone who supports our business and keeps us going. We want to establish good relationships with all our clients, which is why we make sure you get all the customer service you need. We can explain the differences in our products or help you better understand which options would work best for your specific requirements.
Compressed Air pipe

Things to Consider When You Need an Air Compressor Hose Pipe

While we have many options for the blue aluminium compressed air pipe, they might seem overwhelming – especially to first-time buyers. To help you choose the right item for the job, we put together a few things we believe every buyer should consider:

Compressor 1 inch Jumper Hose
  • Do you need any accessories with your kit? We stock and sell many different accessories from tyre inflators to brass elbows and pipe sealant. If you need any additional quality-of-life accessories with your purchase, we think you’ll be happy with our selection.
  • What length of pipe do you need? We offer a wide range of lengths, so you should start here. While longer lengths can make it easy to use your machines all over the worksite, they can also get in the way if you work in smaller spaces. Consider the length before making your purchase.
  • Do you need a whole kit or just the pipe itself? It might be that you already have the kit and simply want new pipes to add to an existing system. If that is the case, we have a range of pipes available. However, if you want an entire kit, why not ask our professionals which of our options would best suit your requirements.

If you want to know more about any of our products, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our team is always ready to assist any client, whether a first-time visitor or an established returning customer.

Compressed Air Lines for Workshop

Benefits of Compressed Air Lines for Your Workshop

Converting your workshop from electric to pneumatic comes with many advantages. People have an image in their minds of a man lugging a heavy compressor behind him that drowns out all other sounds, but this needn’t be the case. You can install compressed air lines for a workshop that go to all your different workstations while keeping the noisy compressor in a separate room or a corner of the workshop. Compressed air lines for a garage at home will see less stringent use and require lower airflow, so the piping and compressor can have lower specifications than in a workshop. A shop air line system and the compressor it runs off depends on your needs.

Key Advantages of an Air Line System for a Shop

Compressed air has been the norm in industrial settings for a long time, but smaller workshops and garage shops were out of the loop. This discrepancy changes as more people wise up to the advantages of compressed air when installed correctly and to the optimal specifications.

  • It is energy efficient if optimized. Many inefficiencies will creep in if you don’t consider the details. Eliminate leaks by wrapping the fittings in thread tape as 50% of wasted air pressure and subsequently, electricity becomes lost to leaks. A belt-driven compressor offers variable air pressure that saves energy and lets you run your tools at their prescribed air pressure, extending their useful life.
  • Pneumatic tools are smaller, lighter and have a more prolonged use life than electric tools. They don’t have a motor, so they can be smaller and have fewer moving parts. This difference makes them easier to maintain and lessens the chance of something going wrong. They outlast electrical tools every time at a price that is only slightly higher. You can stall pneumatic tools indefinitely, unlike electric devices that burn out rapidly when the back electromagnetic force drops to zero. They also don’t spark like electric tools with universal motors, making them safer for use in a hazardous environment where a fire is a risk. They are better all around.
M8095 Maxline Bevelling Tool

Things to Keep in Mind

A pneumatic workshop comes with different considerations than an electric one. Using your tools at their optimal performance and keeping them in good working condition requires you to be mindful of some basic things that will save you a lot of headaches and money.

RapidAir Home Garage Compressed Air System
  • Compressed air lines for a shop should be what you extend, not the power cable of the compressor. Compressors are power-intensive machines, so it is advisable to keep your power cable at a length of 10m-15m and 2.5mm thick. Air compressor piping in a garage can be placed inside the wall or floor and bent to fit around corners to convey air all around your workspace.
  • Your compressor needs to be 20 percent larger than you calculate your needs. Your compressor will most likely need 4 minutes to cool down for every ten minutes of running time. This downtime with semi-industrial and DIY compressors is called their 60 to 80 percent duty cycle. Take the CFM air usage of your tool or tools if you use multiple instruments simultaneously and add 20 percent. The compressor makes more air than you use, giving it more time to cool down between heavy workloads.
  •  Air pressure control and lubrication are essential for the optimal performance of your pneumatic tool. A filter/regulator/lubricator combo is the best solution for protecting your equipment and the system as a whole. The filter removes moisture and dust from the air that will clog and rust your tool while the lubricator deposits tiny droplets of oil into the air to lubricate the mechanism. The regulator modulates air pressure to suit the device in use.

Get the Best Compressed Air Lines for a Shop From Rapidair Systems



We import and distribute Rapidair Compressed Air Fittings and Compressed Air Lines from Rapidair Products in the USA, including a range of compressed air piping systems suitable for everything from sheds and garages to workshops and factories. Our system comes in kit form, and almost anyone can install it. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive customer service and fast delivery, ensuring you get what you need in a hurry. Contact us today for the next evolution of your workshop.


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