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Compressed Air Pipe Sizing Calculator

Compressed Air Pipe

Compressed Air Pipe Sizing Calculator

So often we just want the cheapest system out there and we are always getting people coming and wanting to purchase the Rapidair 1/2″ system because its cheap and simple. But, Whilst this system is great for small workshops, sheds and single operator setups. You need to ensure that if you want to run multiple operators with different tools you have the ability to do this and able to expand on your system when time demands it. Our advice is to make sure your system can cope with the compressor output you have and if you are planning a compressor upgrade in the future you don’t hamper your ability to get all this working together in a satisfactory manner.

Use the Compressed Air Pipe Sizing Calculator above to select your system and then shop for that size Rapidair / Maxline Compressed Air Piping system.

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