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Rapidair Australia imports and distributes Rapidair Compressed Air Lines and Compressed Air Fittings which includes a range of compressed air piping systems for workshops, sheds, garages and factories. We distribute across all regions of Australasia including Australia, New Zealand and the many Islands in the Pacific.

These systems come in either the Rapidair Compressed Air Piping system which is a Blue 1/2″ OD Nylon based Tubing or the Maxline System which is a Blue Aluminium Compressed Air Piping System which comes in 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″ sizes (All ID measurements)

We help the Trade and home handyman, small to large workshops, panel beaters, spray shops, woodworking and metalworking operations and automotive workshops with our unparalleled customer service and quick supply of complete Compressed Air Line piping systems that are second to none. We pride ourselves on maintaining sufficient stock levels to supply all you need x our warehouse in Queensland, Australia and if we happen to run out will air freight it urgently if required.

  • Ease of installation – In most instances a complete workshop can be plumbed up and operating within one day
  • Competitively priced compressed air products with all parts in stock
  • High Quality system supported worldwide

We pride ourselves on our high-quality compressed air line products and fittings to streamline your workshop efficiency while ensuring the safety of your staff. The home of the best Compressed Air Piping System in the marketplace, Rapidair Systems.


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Always Use the Best Compressed Air Lines Piping System in Your Workshop

Compressed air is a ubiquitous resource in most workshops, factories, and many other places due to its versatile use for powering tools of almost any type or function. The distribution of this resource is critically dependent on using quality compressed air lines, as even the tiniest leak will cause a drastic loss of pressure and result in decreased performance of tools. Always install the best lines, which is what we sell to our customers in Australia.

MaxLine Compressed Air Piping Systems

The MaxLine system is our tubing system designed for industrial use under the most demanding conditions. This is the familiar Blue Aluminium Compressed air piping that would be familiar to many. It offers superior leak-free performance, yet the installation requires no special tools or arcane knowledge of compressed air piping. The extensive instructions are easy to follow, and we have all the necessary fittings available. Details of MaxLine compressed air piping system include:

  • The distinctively blue MaxLine tubing consists of three layers: an inner and an outer layer of HDPE plastic and a centre layer of thin aluminium. HDPE has a naturally low friction factor, which means that the airflow inside is basically unrestricted and will remain so for many years. HDPE is also a very stable plastic and, when looked after, provides many years of hassle-free service. The layer of aluminium both protects the tube from casual damage and causes it to retain any applied bends, which facilitates a more straightforward installation.
  • The MaxLine tubing is rated for 1380 kPa (200psi) of positive pressure for compressed air or inert gas and 98 kPa of vacuum pressure. Working temperature is set as -40°C to 60°C, and you should note that temperature does affect both the maximum pressure and the moisture condensation point.
  • MaxLine pipes are available in ½″, ¾″ and 1″ sizes (inside diameter), with corresponding nickel-plated brass fittings. We supply the lines in rolls of 15m, 30m and 90m. A special cutting tool is available for clean cuts to shorter lengths every time and greatly enhances the air-tight seal between pipe and fitting.
  • As the airline is supplied in a coiled state we also have available a straightening tool although most customers obtain a satisfactory result by simply uncoiling and straightening the pipe by hand
  • The MaxLine pipes are designed for a looped configuration and the higher pressure rating, together with a regulator unit, allows for multiple take-off points and concurrent use of the compressed air system in the workshop without loss of pressure at the tools.
MaxLine 3/4 x 90 m Master Kit

RapidAir Compressed Air Piping System

The RapidAir system is our popular tubing option for home garages and small workshops, which only require a single take-off point or a lower overall airflow than is required with our MaxLine range.

Maxline 1/2 Pipe Clip
  • The tubing is made from a single layer of blue nylon and is available in a ½″ size (outside diameter). We sell the pipe in rolls of 30 metres. The maximum working pressure is 1035 kPa (150 psi), and the working temperature range is between -40°C to 82°C. This pipe is not suitable for negative pressure to create a vacuum.
  • The fittings are similar to the proprietary fittings used with the MaxLine system but made from high-quality nylon. Fitment does not require any glue, soldering or special crimping; simply cut the tubing neatly to length and insert it into the desired fitting. If it becomes necessary, you can quickly release the tubing with a push-button action.

Random Facts About Our Compressed Air Piping System

Choosing the correct pipes for your compressed air installation isn’t all about performance figures. There are other bits of information that you should be acquainted with that will increase your appreciation of our RapidAir and MaxLine systems:

  • The pipes are a bright blue colour because blue is the international colour for compressed air. It allows maintenance staff and other technicians to readily identify the contents of a pipe when encountered in a building conduit. 
  • Always pressure-test the whole compressed air piping system after installation, especially when pipes and fittings may become inaccessible inside walls or under concrete floors and when modifying or repairing any part of the system. Our MaxLine pipes and brass fittings are pretty stable and should provide decades of faithful service when correctly installed and adequately protected.
  • Never forget to install both a pressure regulator and compressed air piping system. Add (and an isolating valve to isolate the air compressor for maintenance.)
Compressed Air Piping Systems

Rapidair Systems is the direct importer of world-renowned Rapidair™ products produced in the USA. We offer the same guarantee of quality and warranty against defects as the manufacturer to our customers in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Region. We have most items in stock at all times, and we are in a position to urgently air freight any desperately needed parts from our supplier for speedy delivery to you.

Email us if you require assistance with choosing the best compressed air piping system for your home workshop or factory floor and how to connect everything to your existing compressor.

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