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RapidAir Compressed Airline

Ease of installation

In most instances a complete workshop can be plumbed up and operating within one day

Competitively priced

Competitively priced compressed air products with all parts in stock

High Quality

High Quality system that is supported worldwide

Home Garage Compressed Air

RapidAir Home Garage

Design an efficient and professional home garage with the RapidAir Home Garage Kit.

RapidAir is a complete compressed air distribution system. This means that it easily installs beneath walls of new construction, or on wall surfaces of existing Garages or workshops. No special installation tools and skills are required! You can easily assemble, disassemble, and re-modify your system at any time. Simple, High Quality leak free garage air piping system.

Choose RapidAir Home Garage Compressed Air System for:

  • Your home garage and/or workshop
  • Hobbyist woodworking applications
  • Powering your personal tools
  • Easy in wall and on wall installation
  • Single air users
  • When high airflow isnt needed, This is the best, simplest solution
  • Servicing Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Region

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Compressed Air

Saves You Time by Delivering More Power

A quality compressed air system is a vital part of any serious crafts person and DIY technician’s arsenal. So whether you use compressed air systems are for woodworking, personal auto repair, or metal working, it saves you time and makes your work easier.

Rapid Air Fittings

Pressurised Air Sorted with Rapid Air Fittings

When you need compressed air that works effectively when you need it, look no further than Rapid Air fittings. Whether you have a small home workshop or a factory, a pressurised air installation is insanely useful, and in some cases, indispensable for tasks ranging from spray painting and airbrushing to abrasive blasting to the cleaning of machinery, carpentry and hundreds of other industries and hobbies throughout Australia.

With so many industries, both professional and those not so dependent on the availability of compressed air systems, we recognised that a need exists both in the commercial and industrial sector, and among the hobbyists, for a solution that is reliable, affordable, efficient, easy to install and use. We have scoured the globe for the best pressurised air systems out there.

What You Should Know About Rapidair 90500

Whether you are a hobbyist woodworker, a commercial garage owner, or an industrial industry operator, one tool that comes in extremely handy is compressed air. In addition to spray painting, blasting, and a million and one other uses, pneumatic power tools are highly effective and help companies save thousands of dollars each month in electricity costs.

  • We offer a wide range of compressed air solutions. Whatever your application, there is a Rapidair kit that is ideal for your purposes. Why continue dragging a bulky air compressor around with you when you can have your pressurised air lines set up in the places that are convenient for you.
  • The Rapidair FastPipe Master Kit allows you to have complete control of your workshop, ensuring ultimate flow of production, and optimal convenience. The entire system was designed to facilitate quick and easy installation, allowing you to design and set up your air system the way it works best for you.
  • Our compressed air systems can be installed in a variety of ways, depending on your application and requirements. Consisting of the best quality materials available on the market today, Rapidair piping is ideal for both interior and exterior surface mount applications or hidden installations where the piping is hidden inside a wall or inside a ceiling.

What Sets Rapidair Systems Apart Regarding Rapidair Masterfit Kit

Rapidair compressed air systems were specifically designed with the home garage in mind. We noticed a need in the Australian market for a highly effective, exceptionally reliable, and affordable system, and that is what we’ve delivered on.

  • Our quality is undeniable. Made from only the finest materials available on the market today, Rapidair systems rank among the best in class for compressed air systems.
  • Our pipes are made of robust blue nylon, and both pipes and fittings are manufactured to make installation quick and painless, requiring no special installation tools or professional installers. You can do it yourself, laying out your system in a way that makes the most sense to your production process.
  • Our easy push-to-connect fittings are installed in minutes, and a release button makes it as easy to disassemble, making the system highly versatile for any application, allowing you to change your layout without any fuss at all.

Compressed Air Piping Systems

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Rapidair Systems is the direct importer of world-renowned Rapidair™ products produced in the USA. We offer the same guarantee of quality and warranty against defects as the manufacturer to our customers in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Region.

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