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MaxLine 1/2 inch Compressed Air System

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Maxline – Compressed Air Lines for Workshops

Industrial Semi-Flexible Compressed Air Tubing

MaxLine is an industrial Aluminium compressed air line piping system for workshops that installs in half the time of traditional methods. It is a semi flexible tubing that comes in 15m, 30m or 90m coils and uses compression fittings and O-Rings for leak proof performance. MaxLine piping is designed for efficient installation in diverse settings, from small shops, small workshops and farms to large workshops and manufacturing facilities. It delivers clean compressed air, inert gas and vacuum throughout your workshop.

MaxLine Aluminium flexible tubing is made of several layers: the inner and outer layer are HDPE and the centre layer is aluminium. Its smooth inner surface delivers air efficiently and remains corrosion free for decades. It will maintain its shape after bending, which makes it ideal for layouts with many obstructions and corners.

Choose MaxLine Semi-Flexible Compressed Air System for:

  • Aluminium Compressed Air Lines for Workshops
  • A layout that involves many obstructions or corners
  • Long continuous piping lengths
  • Underground direct burial of the piping
  • Installing in wall or on wall
  • Filter Regulator with Gauge
  • The Best, Safest piping system on the market
  • A system that can be safely installed by DIY
  • Servicing Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Region

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Compressed Air

Saves You Time by Delivering More Power

A quality compressed air system is a vital part of any serious crafts person and DIY technician’s arsenal. So whether you use compressed air systems are for woodworking, personal auto repair, or metal working, it saves you time and makes your work easier.

Maxline Air

Upgrading your Processes with the Maxline Air System

At Rapidair Systems, it’s our mission to improve on existing technologies by researching the materials and methods we currently use. By exploring to make air compression systems more reliable and efficient, we have produced some of the best air compression piping systems you can find anywhere. We work closely with our clients and have developed and produced the Maxline air system to serve their specific needs. With such a wide range of uses and applications, our products are integral to many businesses that require air systems with peak performance for their operations.

What You Can Expect From the Maxline Master Kit

Our kit serves as a dependable industrial air compression piping system that exceeds capabilities previously thought impossible. We have combined materials to simplify and strengthen the air systems we make available to the public. In addition to being fast and easy to install, our system is:

  • Cost-effective. Because we build our systems with the intention of regular use, we design them to last. It means that you will not have to replace parts as often or replace equipment that cannot take the brunt of daily operation. You not only save valuable capital, but it assures you that your equipment will optimally perform when you need it.
  • Leakproof. We manufacture our products with precision, using technology to reduce deformities and maintain a professional standard. By creating our products with exceptional accuracy, we can avoid leaks that may influence service delivery.
  • Corrosion-resistant. Our products go through a vigorous range of tests to ensure durability and safety. Corrosion can weaken materials internally, which might cause failure and endanger those in the near vicinity. That is why we make our products as tough as possible.

What Does the Maxline Air Kit Consist Of?

The Maxline M7500 Master Kit serves as the 3/4-inch variation, which includes: three air outlets, a 3/4-inch outlet, a reducing tee, a standard tee, a male NPT fitting, an elbow, pipe clip, a union, and the 3/4-inch Aluminium tubing kit. Something that sets our products apart is their ability to withstand significant amounts of pressure, changes in temperature, and stress. We manufacture our Maxline tubing with three layers: HDPE plastic, an aluminium layer, and another HDPE layer.

  • Maxline 1 inch Master Kit 120 m
    Operating pressure of 200 psi at 22°C and 160 psi at 60°C. Many people are unaware that pressure causes an increase in temperature, possibly affecting the materials it passes through. Because we design our Maxline air line with this in mind, it can deal with changes in pressure and temperature with ease.
  • A temperature range of -40°C to 60°C. Very few products can deal with such drastic changes in temperature. The vulnerability is due to the use of lacklustre materials that cannot keep up with the operator’s demands or the job at hand.
  • The ability to work with common compressor oils. Adaptability is a vital feature of our air systems, which allows you to work on various projects without changing gear or equipment. Because our air systems are resistant to corrosion, they can gladly deal with a variety of oils.

Why Trust Rapidair Systems Regarding Our Air Compression Products

Because we involve ourselves directly in the design and manufacturing process, we know how to keep the standard of our products and customer service at the highest level. We value our customers and their input and attempt to cater to the industries we form part of. By lending an ear to the individuals who use our systems, we can continually improve on the systems we are currently producing. Critical insights from working professionals help us understand what we should focus on and expand upon, giving us a gauge to measure our success. When our clients can comfortably work without worrying about sub-par products, we know we have done our job right.

For quality and affordable Maxline air fittings, feel free to contact us for more information. We love to hear from our customers, and any suggestions or queries are welcome.

Compressed Air Piping Systems

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Rapidair Systems is the direct importer of world-renowned Rapidair™ products produced in the USA. We offer the same guarantee of quality and warranty against defects as the manufacturer to our customers in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Region.

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