Rapidair Systems

Adapting Between Compressed Air Systems

To adapt to your current piping system, or adapt between our different systems, use a pipe thread adapter fitting. We do not have unique adapters to interchange between our different systems, all get joined by their system specific threaded adapter.

REMINDER: Pipe threads DO NOT measure like a common bolt thread on the outside diameter. To find the correct size pipe thread assemble all NPT threaded connections with two wraps of Teflon tape and then PIPE SEALANT which prevents thread galling.

Blackpipe Compressed air system


Attach any system threaded adapter

Copper pipe Compressed Air System


Sweat on a female copper pipe thread fitting and adapter

MaxLine to RapidAir

Chem-Aire Adapters (Chemair / Chem-air)

MaxLine Threaded Adapter

MaxLine Threaded Adapter

Maxline Reducing Threaded Tee

Maxline Reducing Threaded Tee

Chem-Aire Adapters (Chemair / Chem-air)

Convert the obsolete Chem Air System to any RapidAir System

Call for details: 0450 566 440

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